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Tue, May. 5th, 2009, 11:54 am
dodge_vegomatic: Movies to Masticate to #4 at Odessa

Come join us on Wednesday, May 6, for our biweekly Movies to Masticate to event, the official film+food night of Odessa. MtMt focuses on bringing avant-garde and unconventional cinema, thematically collaborating with the featured artists, musicians, and cultural voices of our community. And eating.


Doors open and food begins at 6:00pm:
fresh sushi with fixins.

Screening time is 7:30pm:
Nagisa Oshima' 'The Sun's Burial'

We will attempt to start the movie on time, so, if intending to watch, try to make it on time. If you're stopping by or running late or coming just to socialize, feel free to come in and join us, but please be considerate of those in the screening.

Things you may want to bring:
-something to drink
-potluck dishes are welcome

Skip bible study, come, watch, eat, and give input.

2613 Broad Ave